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The Shattered City


Tolas Gundar – runs/owns Gundar Trade House

Boris Infeather – runs local labor outfit

Karr Luckfinder – captain of The Chance

Shephard – previous scavenger captain for Tolas Gundar

Rathier Idriss – a respected sorcerer and scholar in the city

Father Volt – middle-aged dwarf, male – mid-range priest of the Artificer on God's Parade "Miracle Mile" able to offer healing services.

Barry – 30-ish, human, male – dock manager

Guardsmen Greg – human, male, early 20's, short blond hair. Helped by Blackthorn against a darkeye madwoman.

Guardsman Eric – human, male, early 20's, shoulder length hair. Helped by Blackthorn against a darkeye madwoman. Currently an afflicted darkeye.

Lieutenant Helanestra Alms

Turbil – old, wildling/turtle, male – encountered Captain Eek trying to sell a soil sample to an island he claimed he'd been marooned on and which was home to 'countless' ruins awaiting salvage by brave souls. He found a ship to take him there, was beaten for his sample and escaped onto the island, stowing away on another salvage vessel and returned. Recently hired on as scavenger crew by Captain Eek.

House Fruvil

Bophin Fruvil – eccentric elven man, bald with chiseled feastures, and head of Trade House Fruvil

House Emeril

Blade – a medium-sized draken with emerald green scales and head of Trade House Emeril

Fessic's crew – 5 man human scavenger crew led by Fessic, rescued from landfall

Nerith – leader of Gundar's mercenary protection of his properties

Windblown Floatsam

Merkas Gladwing


Gregor the Grey – infamous and wanted pirate captain and previous captain of The Slit Purse


F Jenkins – fee collector at the Docks for incoming ships and member of the Trade Council

Master Kleins – a small draken with golden scales and golden eyes, the steward to Headmaster Endrin of the University

Headmaster Endrin – a very old, wrinkled and gray, elven man, and headmaster of the University. Though of elder years, his eyes belie a healthy spirit

Robert Trith – minor noble in Shadowhaven with a bounty for Lowren.

Marie Trith – Robert Trith's wife, maimed over a year ago during a botched bounty collection by Lowren

Fisk – an assumed hired hand and strong-back hired by Selam to move goods across ships, but turned in Lowren to Robert Trith for the bounty, revealed to be a bounty hunter himself

Jordan Curst – Lowren's bounty hunter mentor and Fisk's mentor.

Greg Powel – buyer of the Verdant, and new to House Loptiff, a merchant house specializing in food stuffs transport





Dragons Spine

Foreign Quarter

The Lower Reaches

Deepsky Citadel

Mount Ore

Freedom Isle

Sylvan Doe

Meeting Place

The Ice Isles

The Draining Sea



The Canopy


Hired Hands – various hired crew throughout campaign


Ship Upgrades

The Chance

The Verdant

The Harrier

The Fury Rose

The Trinket

The Curled Fang

The Red Streak

The Gilded Coral

The Zephyr

The Maple Thorn

The Slit Purse

Cherry Rose

Black Ember

Blind Crow

Filched Arrow

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