Tolas Gundar

Proprietor of the Gundar Trade House


Tolas Gundar is a human man in his mid 30’s, with a short trimmed beard that matches his dark brown short kept hair. He is a handsome man, by all accounts and keeps himself well dressed, though not exaggerated. He carries a warm, welcoming manner and seems to deal quite fairly in a very competitive and sometimes ruthless business of scavenging in The Shattered City out of the city Gateway.


Tolas is known as an up and coming merchant strength in the city of Gateway and is not above snaking an island claim or scavenge out from under another house, if the talk about the city has any merit. He consolidates and ensures greater loyalty in those working for him by purchasing salvage at a higher rate, if sold exclusively to him.

During Adventure 4, you learn that he began his business with his daughter, Emma, who he lost along with her crew and ship, the Fury Rose, more than five years past.

Tolas Gundar

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