Robert Trith

Minor Noble in Shadowhaven


Robert Trith is a minor noble in Shadowhaven, specializing in food stuffs within the city. He has finely cut human features, though his eyes are darkened by over a year of little sleep and a growing obsession with bringing Lowren to justice for the maiming of his wife, Marie Trith, a fetching woman, though now her left arm hangs limp at her side.


During A Dash of History, Lowren is captured by a bounty hunter and delivered to Robert in response to a higher valued bounty than the city was offering. Rather than turn him over to the city guard, he set about beating Lowren until he was on the cusp of death. While his comrades stormed the house looking for him, he leveled a pistol at his head and as he was pulling the trigger, Marie stepped in front of him, pushing the shot wide. When the city guard showed up, Marie stood by her husband in defense of Lowren serving his sentence for the crime he did commit, but saved him from paying with his life.

Robert Trith

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