Sundered Skies

Shephard is a Liar

Adventure 2

Tolas Gundar  once again contracts you to venture to another island aboard the Chance with her captain Karr, though this time, it is to verify the reporting of another of Tolas's scavenger captains, an elf by the name Shephard, who is suspected of under-performing his duties.

After days of boring travel, the Chance comes across a pitched battle between two pirate frigates and a larger galleon, which you come to realize in horror is a dreaded and believed scary story figment, a Deathbarge, crewed by the dead and led by even worse, if the stories are true. The Deathbarge sinks one of the ships and then chases the other when it turns and flees. The sinking ship breaks apart and dumps crew and cargo into the open void.

Another couple days and the target of your journey comes in sight, though, you do indeed find, Shephard's report is far from accurate. While the smaller island above is scoured bare, the larger island below and in its shadow, is a hilly grassland sporting a keep ruin and docked along side the edge of the island  is a pirate ship, the Harrier.

Choosing to avoid conflict if possible, Karr steers the Chance to the other side of the island where you sight a large dig site centered on a smaller hill. Between shifts, you investigate and find the site is a burial ground and the pirates are excavating the remains. In the bottom of the deepest grave, you break through into a large cavern containing strange life-like statues of squid-faced humanoids in scaled armor and wielding steel-like halberds.

As a work crew begins working its way back to the island, you stage an ambush and with daring and precise efforts dispatch three of the workers and strand another in the newly discovered cavern. While the rest of the pirate crew leaves the keep ruin to investigate the find, you sneak into the ruins and find the pirates have set up a solid base of operations and are solely focused on the excavation. Upon finishing barring their armory and setting their provision room ablaze, the pirates return and discover you, setting off a chase between you and eventually just their captain, a dwarf you come to find out is named Ulrich.

Ulrich falls victim to the endless depths of the void after a failed attempt to expunge his rage upon you as you make your escape from the island. The Chance makes its escape with you aboard shortly thereafter and you watch as the Harrier and its remaining crew scramble in the mayhem.

Upon your return to Gateway, your meeting with Tolas's rewards you with the update that your newly contracted vessel the Verdant is fully repaired and ready for use. You also have a chance run in with his now unemployed and vessel-less scavenger captain, Shephard, in his office, who relates some choice words and a warning to you.



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