Verdant, cloudskiff

The Verdant is a slightly taller cloudskiff than it's typical design. Because of this, it can carry taller cargos and slightly more at that. It has four cabins designed to house two hammocks each with space to stow gear. The deck is an open design and driven by one set of large sails. The forward section of the ship currently houses the waysphere and soil storage vials. The steering wheel is located at the aft. The ship requires one crew member to operate the ship's propulsion (sails, rigging, etc). The ship otherwise can accommodate seven additional passengers. Due to the custom sized hold, the cargo space can accommodate 2 spaces. It can handle two gunning stations on board on either side of the ship, but currently there is only a single cannon on the port side.

Acc/Top Speed: 4/10; Handling: +2; Toughness: 13 (2-heavy armor); Guns: 2


Current configuration:

  1. 2 simple cannons, 12 cannonballs and shot in storage
  2. Cargo space available: 1.5 storage capacity. 
  3. Waysphere and dirt storage in navigator cabin at aft end of the deck,  along with the wheel
  4. Thermal booster installed 
  5. 1600 in ship bank,  and we owe 7000
  6. We are paid up to 5 months

Verdant, cloudskiff

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