Maple Thorn, elven skysloop

The Maple Thorn was an elven transport vessel for Heartland, captained by a Filsith Shade and few crew members, plus a hawk feral. During A Dash of History, Filsith and crew encounter the Verdant while stopping at an island with a source of water for resupplying. They realize Blackthorn is an ex-oakthorn and traveling with wildlings and in the ensuing battle, are defeated, leaving the Thorn uncaptained.


Type: Elven Sky Sloop

Base Cost: 30,000 cogs (UC)

Acc/Top Speed: 4/13

Crew: 1+5

Handling: +1

Cargo: 2

Toughness: 15 (2) 

Notes: Regeneration (1/wk), Windsilk Sails, Kar's Lucky Charm. 

Gadgets: Thermal Booster, Mirage Generator


4 standard cannons

Maple Thorn, elven skysloop

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