Sundered Skies

Lost Scavengers
Adventure 1

After escaping the clutches and immediate reach of the elves, two wildlings and their boughbreaker separate and as fate would have it reconnect in the far reaches of The Shattered City at the hub city of Gateway. Drawn by an advert seeking brave souls to explore and search the ancient islands and ruins throughout The Shattered City, they meet Tolas Gundar, a rising merchant in Gateway who hires them to determine the fate of one of his other scavenger teams aboard the Verdant. Sailing upon the Chance, captained by a superstitious orc known as Karr Luckfinder. Upon locating the island, they find the Verdant has suffered serious damage to the hull due to weeks of drifting into the island's rocky shore.

Going ashore themselves, they find a path the crew in question struck out upon into the wooded landscape of the large island. Deep within the forest, in a bowl valley on the eastern side, the remains of a once large ruined building is revealed. Near one outer corner, they find some of the crew buried and dead midst a collapsed section of the floor, now little more than a wide pit ending in an old storeroom or basement to the complex. While investigating the dead crew, a path carved by those surviving the fall leads off to a stairwell deep into the ground and opens upon a series of rooms. The stench of death gives little warning when several risen dead stumble from the other rooms and attack.

After dispatching the lumbering zombies, they find the dismembered remains of the rest of the crew. To stave off any chance of another rising, the bodies are brought together in the collapsed pit and burned. Returning to the Verdant and Chance, Karr secured the Verdant to be towed back to Gateway.

Upon their return, negotiations are engaged with Tolas about eventually becoming the new crew and captain of the Verdant, once repaired with the agreement they will sell their salvage to him exclusively until such time as they pay off the debt of the ship. In the mean-time, Tolas promises more work opportunities, having proven themselves quite capable.

What Skies Are These...

Your world is equal parts strange and wonderful. A seemingly endless expanse of islands floating amidst the ceaselessly lit skies. In your younger days, you heard as many theories and stories of its creation as there are reported islands scattered throughout, and by all accounts, none know how many islands there are. The eldest among your people speak of tales their ancestors passed down about a great rending of a once unified world, though what caused it, no one can say with certainty. What holds the islands aloft is also unknown, though some say gods, others, magic, but most seem not to have a care for the hows or whys of the world around them, just that it continue to be so.

Vastly different peoples and creatures find home and hearth throughout this expanse of the Skies and on untold numbers of islands. While there are larger settlements and cities atop the largest and most frequented islands, people are scattered, just like the world that may once have been. Ships of all type and description sail the Skies, some seeking adventure, some trade, and others to deprive others of both.

What little rains that fall are said to result from the great frozen islands high above in the Draining Sea and by the time the great pieces of broken ice descend, they are warmed and scattered across the Skies. As with all things, scarcity and rationing is well known and anticipated on most islands where they must go without or, more commonly, trade to make up the difference. Residing over the trade industry in the Skies is the Trade Council and any ships embarking in this profession are thus employed. The organization and order of the Trade Council ensures islands throughout the Skies are supplied as needed, largely securing peace between the people of the islands.

Many races remain divided in the Skies, to a large extent, and some more isolationist than others. The Drakin of Dragon’s Spine and the Elves of Heartland on one end of the spectrum are the most reclusive in nature, holding much of their designated islands in secret to all but their own people, reserving designated and divided areas at these locations for trade. The Dwarves of Deepsky Citadel and Mount Ore reside lowest and closest to the Flaming Skies far below where no ship or creature can hope to sail or survive. The Orcs of the northern altitudes are mainly nomadic, though their largest fixed community is called the Meeting Place. Many range and wander the upper Ice Isles. Humans are the most common and widely dispersed among the Skies.

More of the strange. The Glow. It is a pervasive, ever-present illumination in the Skies. It is all you’ve known. Prolonged exposure to the Glow has an aggressive and degrading effect on the mind and with enough exposure, can cause one to lose all sense of their reason and self and go Glowmad. While buildings and such cast shadows, sentient beings do not. More strangely still, the glow effects some differently. Some goblins, for instance, become not a rager but instead something new, coined the Glowborn. The glow changes their bodies and shapes them into something new. In recent history, so many have become known, that they have been given their own home on Freedom Isle.

Throughout your short life, you have always felt unease and out of place with the world that has only grown as each year passes. It troubled your sleep as a child and has bled into your waking hours to this day. This unsettled feeling has brought you from your home and into the Skies. Perhaps by seeing more of your world you will begin to understand it better and in the process, your place in it.


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