Rathier Idriss

Respected Sorcerer and Scholar in Gateway


Rathier a human man in his 60’s, with long white and wiry hair and beard. He dresses in simple, solid colored robes and wears a pointed cap. He is clearly a curious and introspective individual, even at first glance, as he tends to lose himself in thought and speculation, even to the extent of forgetting he has company or was engaged in a conversation.


After purchasing some of the strange squid-faced statues Tolas Gundar’s merchants were selling, he discovered that they held far more dangerous entities within. His own assistant was possessed and he was able to capture the essence from another statue through a strange rigging around the statue. He bought the statue because he recognized it from a book his first master had in his library. After being shown the diagram from the chamber they were found in, he recognized it as the symbol stamped on the cover of the same book, which he then recalls was a book of ancient fables. The one with the statues talked about a race of beings who left these statues as gifts of peace for an invading people which in turn decimated them.

Rathier Idriss

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