Lieutenant Helanestra Alms


Lieutenant Helanestra Alms, called Helan by her friends. Supervises the majority of the day-to-day operations of the guardsmen in Gateway. She has fair features, shoulder-length platinum blond hair, almost white, and piercing brown eyes. She has a very fair and even temperament and treats those serving below her with respect and gives credit where it is due.


Helanestra Alms is originally from Heartland and trained to serve in the Oakthorn guard at Roseport, but her more level-headed temperament did not suit her superiors nor her fellow trainees and she quickly realized she had little interest in the harsh world of Roseport and the Oakthorn guard that awaited her. Instead, she left her home and sought places where she would be truly needed, settling finally in Gateway and rising to Lieutenant rather quickly.

Lieutenant Helanestra Alms

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