Sundered Skies

Tolas' Lost Things

Adventure 4

With new found funding and a will to sail, you stock up and plan a return to the tree-laden island of your first venture with a new crew to lumber and sell back in Gateway. Only a few days out from the city, the Verdant chances upon the same teardrop-shaped island spotted some weeks past. Though, this time, no creature is sighted flying about the spire of the rocky island. Hoping for a better view of the island, you fly high and above the peak and look down upon it. Through a small cloud ring near the top of the peak, a large shadow speeds below the surface and within moments bursts upward toward the ship and lands on deck, smashing the cargo hold cover.

A desperate battle ensues between crew, hired hand, and drake. A first cannon shot goes wild, only grazing the beast and sending the shot out into the void. A second strikes true and followed by a vicious exchange between man and drake before the beast is bested and collapses atop the deck. Seeing this as the best scenario for recovering and selling the remains, you scout the island below and find the unnamed remains of a frigate that crashed into the mountainous island some long age past. Recovering intact chests and some additional salvage in the cleft lair of the drake, you return to Gateway prematurely to unload your new and unexpected haul.

You return to find Tolas in a very poor state and just after he issued a summons to see you upon your return to the city. He accepts your new haul and pays you for your unexpected salvage and then relates some little known background into how he began his business. It turns out his daughter, Emma, was his first scavenger captain and a very successful one at that. She, her crew, and her ship, the Fury Rose, disappeared over five years ago. Karr happened upon an island where he thought he sighted the wreckage of the Fury Rose and returned with a soil sample of it. Tolas charges you to locate the island and return with word, if it exists, of how his daughter passed and if possible, recover what remains of her.

Putting a hold on sailing out to the lumber island, you sail out to the island, less than a week out from the city, and after a blessedly uneventful journey, locate it. Sure enough, the Fury Rose indeed crashed into the island, directly into a tower ruin, causing it to collapse around it. Upon first attempting to board the ship, you are assaulted by an unlikely sight, barnacle apes wielding stone from the ruins and hurling them at your hopper as you approach. Dispatching two of the beasts, the rest scamper around the sides of the hull.

The deck is barren except for a small pile of skulls. Within the hold, you find where the barnacle apes had made their home, with far more inside than you encountered out and equally aggressive, and driven by a larger and by al rights, mutated barnacle ape with fiery eyes and long clawed hands. After a desperate battle, the larger ape is slain causing the remaining apes to flee the hold. The remainder of the hired crew returns to the hopper to await your return, clearly not prepared for any additional such encounters.

The deck offers a small passage into the tower ruins, of which remains only a crumbling staircase down into the basement of the tower. From below, you hear a lamenting crying and scratching sounds. What you discover turns your heart and your stomach. You find yourself in the presence of a completely corrupted and horribly disfigured humanoid of some kind. It wails at your approach and snaky tentacles slip from its back and into the skeletal remains of four poor souls at its feet. The tentacles cause the skeletons to animate and join in on the assault upon you.

You dispatch the horrid humanoid and the skeletons crumble into small piles of bone and tattered clothing. You sight distinguishing gloves and a signet ring on one of the skeletons and recover Emma and the remaining crews' remains for return to Tolas.



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