Sundered Skies

Solutions and Competition

Adventure 8

After returning to Gateway and Rathier with the ancient book of fables from the University in Shadowhaven, with a brief trip to Freedom Isle to deliver some waylaid pilgrims.

Gundar is found to have gone into hiding, under the substantial threat of Merkas Gladwing. Blackthorn locates Gundar at the Windblown Floatsam and ends up pitted against Gladwing's attack on the inn. After Gladwing's forces are defeated, Shephard appears and as he is just about to fell Blackthorn, Gladwing himself appears, felling Shephard for defying his orders. Blackthorn, just about to fall below his blade, is protected through his sigil bestowed upon him by Oria, who appears, encasing Gladwing in water and then crushing him within it before departing back to Shadowhaven, saying only "The debt is repaid."

Rathier finishes his translation of the ancient book of fables and relates that the old stories spoke of a potential 'cure' for the dark-eye threat, though the stories do not detail the cure. He recommends seeking the aid of the archivists at the Deepsky Citadel as if there is a record of this 'cure' and if it ever did exist, it may be located there.



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