Sundered Skies

Return to Pirate Isle

Adventure 3

As Tolas, has little work for you, you take the opportunity to hire on some temporary crew via one of the local labor groups led by a glowborn man, Boris, to help with the hope of either clearing out the pirates that may remain at the island you returned from and/or aid with the excavation of the statues located beneath their grave site excavation.

While the longer trip return to the island is uneventful and the crew and hired hands get on well throughout the relatively short journey, you are met with a welcome site upon your arrival. The Harrier and, after a search of the grave site and the ruin keep confirms, the remaining pirates have cleared out. You also discover that the cap of the grave site above the statue cavern has collapsed in. Days are spent clearing the now open cavern of dirt and stone and when complete, you find one statue had been overturned and lay next to the remains of the pirate you stranded in the cavern upon your last visit.

Loading a dozen of the statues, just nearly half of what was contained in the cavern, upon the Verdant both above and below decks, you secure your cargo and begin the journey back to Gateway. After a couple days of travel you spy a small, teardrop-shaped island far out from you and with a large bird-like figure circling the spire of the mountain it looks to be a chunk of. Something glinting in the sky nearby it in a couple places moves about as well, but it is all too far out to define clearly. Preferring not to tangle with whatever creature resides on the island, you press on. The next day, you are stopped by a Trade Council Patrol that inspects your papers and cargo to verify no illegal trade business was being conducted. Quickly resolved and cleared, you continue on to Gateway.

Tolas Gundar inspects and accepts the statues from the island with much excitement and encourages you to collect and return with the remainder as soon as you are able. He pays forward a heavy advance and sets to work moving the new novelties.

Planning to do just that and with plenty of time still remaining for your hired crew, you set back out to the island and arrive within the same near week time frame, without incident. You find the island as you left it and with some additional rigging in place, you secure the remaining baker's dozen statues and depart to Gateway.

During the return, the Verdant is set upon by a glimmerwing swarm, birds or similar-like creatures with bodies and coverings so glossy, they reflect and amplify the glow around them. Despite a harsh and painful encounter, some of the newly installed modifications to the ship allow you to outpace the creatures with ease. That next evening, a terrible cracking is heard throughout the ship. After a thorough investigation, you discover one of the statues has moved into a new position and a large rent is open around its throat and neck area, revealing the inside of the statue is hollow. A second search of the ship reveals no lurking horrors, so a watch is set to look after the statues above and below decks.

The next night, Helga, an unfortunate looking, though capable warrior, goes mad and lashes out during the night watch, nearly mortally wounding one. She is finally put down and found that her eyes had gone completely black and she had been mutilating herself with her own blade. As an executive decision, you throw both body and statue overboard and into the void.

The return trip is otherwise uneventful and Tolas accepts the remaining statues upon your return with news that he has successfully sold the first batch and pays out heavily for the remainder and the new shipment.



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