Sundered Skies

Between a Rock and a Statue (continued)

Adventure 6 (continued)

You follow up on the list Tolas Gundar provided of the sales his employees distributed the statues two, by batch of delivery. Finding every statue in the first shipment broken the focus is turned toward the complete shipment of the second delivery to House Fruvil, which deals in rare antiques and artifacts from  The Shattered City  and sells them in Shadowhaven. The head of the trade house, one Bophin Fruvil, passes along the unforunate update that this lead transport ship, the Zephyr, left port just the day previous.

Tying up loose ends and preparing to sail after the Zephyr, Blackthorn and Steelforged follow Rathier's advise and meets with his friend at the Market district garrison, Lieutenant Helanestra Alms, whom Blackthorn realizes is someone from his past. During the meeting, Guardsman Greg bursts through the doors hauling Guardsman Eric behind him, both having clearly been through a battle recently, and shouting that Eric has been infected by the dark-eyes and needs to be locked up. He relates a story of several other darkeyes encountered, making their way toward the garrison when they engaged them. When they were slain, someone else in the crowd became possessed.

Blackthorn and Steelforge, alongside the lieutenant and Guardsman Greg, rush out to meet the approaching darkeyes. Lowren, having witnessed the end of the conflict with Guardsman Greg and Eric, followed the crowd and threw in the battle when he caught up. Shortly incapacitating all of the darkeyes, they haul them back into the garrison and distribute them evenly among the open cells and a few rooms Rathier's tower can accommodate, while you go in search of the Zephyr in hopes to catch it before it reaches its destination.

The next morning, you set out and make incredible haste toward Shadowhaven, scouring the skies for any sign of the Zephyr. Toward the end of the second day of travel, it is sighted. When moving to close in, the Zephyr's crew springs into action and the ship about faces and opens fire with a side of cannons. A pitched battle and creative and capable sailing by Steelforged pull the Verdant from certain skyfall. In the final boarded battle with the dark-eye crew, the glowborn pilot of the Zephyr simply smiles before throwing himself into the void. One slain darkeye is also thrown overboard. An inspection of the cargo hull reveals only seven of the twelve statues had ruptured, though the seven possessed crew slew the remaining dozen plus of the Zephyr's crew.

Securing the heavily damaged Verdant, to the Zephyr, you prepare for a limping few day journey back to Gateway.



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