Sundered Skies

Between a Rock and a Statue

Adventure 6

After a harried fight with ogre and goblins, you take a short rest. The next morning, you go in search of the remains of your comrades and goblins slain in the fight. All you find are the sites of the skirmish and where their bodies should have been. Following a sluggish trail, you scout the northern end of the island and quickly lose the trace along the way. Finding nothing but the outer edge of the island, you strike off east toward the ruins you find on your first venture. Within the ruins, clearly older, decomposing goblin zombies are dispatched quickly beneath the ground, in the old rooms below the ruin, the other passage blocked by collapse.

A search of the ruins turns up little else besides the reanimated corpses of your comrades and the recently slain goblins. With a heavy heart held firm by determination, they are in turn put down a second and final time. With little else apparent in the ruin without significant excavation, you choose to explore the western side of the island and locate the site of a wreckage. A skysloop of orcish design, called the  Curled Fang, lies split in half from the impact upon the forest floor. Within eye shot of the crash is a gravesite, likely accounting for the perhaps older goblin zombies encountered in the ruin. The graves had been clearly disturbed and nothing remains within them.

Looking through the ship, a decent haul of salvage is discovered, including a delicately wrapped sling with the inscription "sting" stitched into the leather of the projectile patch.

With wounds to tend and little else immediately apparent, you depart for Gateway. Some days in, the ship runs afoul of a very large and dense rock field. Opting to skirt the field and add a few days to the jounrey, you discover an unusually large island, easily over a 100 miles of hilly, forest, and mountain terrain outside the rock field. A ship is docked in the capture field, called the Red Streak. Fearing a poor encounter, you take a sample of the island dirt and avoid happening upon the unseen crew of the ship and hopper docked on the island.

When you return to Gateway the city seems to be rebounding to its old busy self, but the danger of the "dark-eyes" murders continues to rise as does the body count. Within moments of arriving, a message from Tolas Gundar, unusually short and curt, demands your presence as soon as possible. At the Gundar trade House, you are questioned immediately about how much of a danger you knew the statues to be and why it was not brought to his attention as soon as you suspected. After some unconvincing back-pedaling and some harsh reprimanding from Tolas, he tells you it must be made right. He connects you with a respected member of the community in the city, named Rathier, who discovered the statues were at the heart of the problem after some of the ones he bought ruptured and his assistant was possessed. He commands you recall all the statues that you can and contain the issue as best you can.

Rathier details that he bought the statues because they reminded him of an illustration from a book his first master owned, though knew little more than that. He was able to contain one of the essences coming from the statues after he witnessed it possessing his assistant, Jules. He has since captured one of the essences and he has a similar rigging on his remaining unruptured statue to do the same. Once shown the inscribed symbol from the statue chamber, he recalls it as the same symbol printed on the cover of the book of fables the illustration of the statues were from and that story referenced gifts of peace given to invading peoples which in turn brought rampant destruction and destabilization in their ranks when they learned the truth of the gifts. He offers to help contain the statues that have not ruptured.



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