Sundered Skies

A Dash of History (more continuation)

Adventure 7 (continued)

Jordan Curst and Fisk, alongside Selam, free Lowren and Blackthorn from under the thumb of thugs who'd ambushed Blackthorn and Eek earlier in the day and set the stage for Lowren to escape years of jail time by finding a substitute for the sentence and aiding Blackthorn in setting the stage for clearing his name.

The sale of the Verdant goes through smoothly within the next couple days to a minor stakeholder in House Loptiff, Greg Powel, which specializes in the transport of foodstuffs.

The University locates and delivers the book of fables requested by Rathier and with preparations completed in Shadowhaven, depart on a near month journey to return to Gateway, hopefully with a solution to the dark-eye menace there.

Along the way, you affect a rescue of a merchant ship, the Cherry Rose, which had come under assault of a behemoth after killing assumedly, one of its young. You spend the next few days harvesting the corpse and refilling your depleted stores.

About a week out from Gateway, a wrecked skysloop is spotted on the outskirts of a large, hilly island, ruins set farther back in the hillside. Investigating revealed the site of a small town ruin with a mostly intact chapel of sorts from an age long past. Investigation of the chapel revealed four glowborn survivors, Ressuk and his son Prod, and two women Gurdis and Neen, hiding in the chapel. They recount a tale of pirate attack, the seeking of refuge in this ruin, and the slow disappearance of other survivors from the pirate attack over the following weeks.

That night, waiting for the group to be strong enough to travel, a mysterious force begins attacking, wielding balls of light and energy, who reveals itself to be an impossibly old looking man with long fingers almost now talons and wearing clothing hanging in tatters upon him. Short work is made of him after his initial attack while everyone was sleeping and his hidden chambers below the chapel are discovered, along with the remains of the missing survivors, their corpses posed in everyday actions as if he was filling the space out of loneliness.

Returning to the ship with the survivors, weary, and saddened by the findings in the ruin, the ship sets out again, bound for Gateway.



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