Sundered Skies

A Dash of History (continued)

Adventure 7 (Continued)

Shadowhaven proves to be a far larger metropolis than any could have imagined. Lowren and Selam deliver the pirates to the Navigator's Hall and collect their bounties. Eek, Blackthorn, Steelforged, and Oria travel to the University to deliver Rathier's request. The request is taken and in turn provided to the Headmaster. Oria decides to stay at the University and learn more about this world and thanks all but Lowren for their assistance. Later you find a small, faint, golden rune mark upon your chest where she placed her hand upon you. While trying to find a buyer for the Verdant and outfitting the Maple Thorn, Eek and Blackthorn are ambushed one day in town in an attempt to be robbed, but are easily driven off.

The Headmaster of the University, Master Endrin, agrees to loan out the book Rathier requests, but admits it will take some time to locate it in the stacks. In the mean-time, work continues on the ship. Selam hires a worker named Fisk to complete the most grueling of the first few days of labor before finishing the rest with Lowren herself. Supplies are delivered and during the meal, Selam, Lowren, and Steelforged fall unconscious suddenly.

On their way back to the ship, Eek and Blackthorn are again ambushed, but this time with considerably more forethought to the advance, almost like knowingly set against the group's strengths. Trading near deadly blows with them, Eek flees and runs upon a group of well-doing citizens who rush to Blackthorn's aid and they make a quick escape from the conflict. They arrive back at their ship to find Steelforged waking groggily, Selam sound asleep, and Lowren missing, though his bounty notice is discovered laying upon his pillow in his bunk.

In a near panic and rush, they gather themselves as best they can and race toward the residence of Robert Trith to find and free their comrade. During this time, Lowren discovers he has been picked up and bound in the back of a potato wagon and bound for Robert Trith's estate by none other than Fisk. He is delivered into the noble's hands and over the course of the next couple hours, is beaten within an inch of his life.

Eek, Blackthorn, and Steelforged lay out a hasty plan to distract the guards of the house, cause confusion enough to get in get Lowren, and hopefully escape. During the attempt, for miles around, Steelforged's noise contraption wakes countless other estates, the noise echoing across the mostly flat landscape. Within, Robert Trith's wife, Marie, comes between him and Lowren when Robert levels a pistol at Lowren and pulls the trigger, but her intervention pushes the shot wide, saving his life.

Lowren comes to as his comrades are attempting to make an escape with him in tow and convinces Eek and Steelforged to flee while Lowren talks he and Blackthorn out of this mess. The city guard shows up shortly after and Trith tells them Lowren is a wanted criminal and Blackthorn is trespassing and both should be arrested. Marie stands by her husband, believing Lowren's debt had not been paid, but it did not deserve to cost his life.

Eek and Steelforged escape the net of the city guard and make their way back to the ship. While Lowren and Blackthorn are being carted toward town, they see Selam, forgotten and unconscious, laying in a ditch off the side of the road, apparently free of her possessions when last seen.



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