Sundered Skies

A Dash of History

Adventure 7

At Rathier Idriss' request, in hopes of finding a permanent solution to the 'dark-eyes' conflict, you have departed for Shadowhaven with a writ in hand to collect a book Rathier's first mentor he apprenticed with owned which contained something about the race or beings the statues the threat has risen from, within its pages relating to old fables. His master's library was donated to the University to preserve the information.

Along the way, death barges, strange gargoyle-like creatures, and elves bent on asserting their 'correct' veiw of property and ownership, you've captured an elven vessel called the Maple Thorn and with it in tow, blew pirates from the skies, captured some, and continued on the increasingly long journey. As supplies dwindled quickly with more mouths to feed, you stopped at a heavily forested island in hopes of finding water and provisions of some kind to carry you through to your destination.

You found a pristine and bubbling clear fountain, seemingly untouched by weathering and the elements, but discovered it was defended by powerful elementals. While refilling your water stores, Eek and Steelforge uncover the fountain is indeed, more than it seems. Beneath the central altar, an apparent tomb below reveals a coffin-like container, with the covered skeletal remains of a humanoid. The skeleton begins absorbing the water of the fountain and taking shape. The being reveals itself to be a mixture of both human and elven features, though her skin still retains some of its transparent nature. She calls herself Oria and shows confusion at the world around her and the words, places, and people, you reference. She in turn causes you confusion with her own verbiage, though you suspect she has been beneath that fountain far longer than the cataclysm that raught the world into what you have always known.

Offering transport to Shadowhaven she joins your crew and spends the time talking with Selam and fulfilling her curiosity of this new world around her. With captured pirates in tow, a new ship at the ready, and a very strange and intriguing creature in Oria, you finally reach your destination.



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